The ceramic tile trim provides protection to the corner tile edge, ensures perfect edge finishing by preventing cracks
from eventual impacts. The aluminium ceramic tile trim straight edge also simplifies tile installation.

A straight edge L shape ceramic tile trim may also be fitted at the border edge of a ceramic tile floor to delimit tile flooring from laminate flooring or carpet flooring. An admirable and ideal demarcation is realized between adjacent floors thanks
to the straight edge ceramic tile trim.
The straight edge ceramic floor tile trim might also be used as a listello tile trim on the ceramic wall or the floor.

A neat and stylish look is brought, ceramic tile installation facilitated by fitting an aluminium decorative ceramic tile trim
at any exposed outer corner edge of the tile wall in a bathroom or kitchen whenever two tiles meet on external corner.

As chipping may occur much more easily with a wall tile that in a large extent is softer than a floor tile, to install
a ceramic tile trim to the outer corner tile edge brings an advantage.

Besides the chrome tile trim in silver polished bright finish generates an exquisite match with bath and kitchen fittings.

The ceramic tile trim straight edge can be shaped into curves by using a special device or simply using hand pressure when provided with flexible punch. Given its requested form the flexible - formable aluminium tile trim is either fixed with nails
or screws and installed to contour around pillars or just to realize attractive fashionable designs.

Diverse models of straight edge aluminium tile trims are presented anodized satin matt, polished bright or chemically brightened - mirror effect - in numerous colors.

MF : Mill finish
MA : Anodized matt
MB : Anodized bright
MC : Anodized chemically brightened
BR : Anodized chemically brightened brushed
PC : Powder coated
LENGTH : 2,44 - 2,50 - 2,60 - 2,70 - 3,00 m.
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