Occasionally installers find out that the heights of two different floorings which connect are not the same.
Trip and fall down accidents may occur.
The perfect prevention and smooth floor transition comes with the aluminium tile to carpet transition
sloped carpet cover strip
- carpet door bar : the sloped carpet cover strip - carpet door bar is fitted to join
the sloped edges of two adjacent floors such as tile and laminate floorings or carpet at the doorways in particular.

The sloped carpet cover strip - carpet door bar eliminates the unpleasant appearance of level difference between
two connecting floors as it covers the joint gracefully.

The grooves on its upper side add a non slip characteristic to the sloped carpet transition cover strip - carpet door bar.
The complications that may arise after floor installation because of levels that are not the same are solved thanks
to the use of a sloped carpet cover strip with the appropriate height.
With the sloped carpet cover strip - carpet door bar, a safe and elegant floor transition becomes possible in joining
floors at different heights i.e laminate to carpet transition.

The sloped carpet cover strip may be laid either with screws if supplied with counter- sink holes, with silicon sealant
or adhesive tape.

The carpet cover transition strip in many forms, heights and widths is provided with anodized coatings in satin matt
or polished bright finish.
MF : Mill finish
MA : Anodized matt
MB : Anodized bright
MC : Anodized chemically brightened
BR : Anodized chemically brightened brushed
PC : Powder coated
LENGTH : 2,44 - 2,50 - 2,60 - 2,70 - 3,00 m.
floor transitions carpet door bar carpet cover strip
floor threshold door bar tile carpet transition strip