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The round edge aluminium tile trim protects the corner of the ceramic tile on the wall from chipping,
facilitates tile installation and achieves the attractive edge finishing of the outer corner tile.

Thanks to its round shape the round tile edging trim brings an ergonomic look to the ceramic tile wall corner,
adds a final touch to the tile setting.
A further advantage of the use of a metal tile trim is that its more durable versus a pvc tile trim.

Besides the chrome tile trim in polished silver bright finish harmonizes superbly with chrome plated
kitchen and bathroom fittings and fixtures.
A graceful match to ceramic tile coloration is realized the corner tile trim being available in several colours.

The choice of the appropriate height is crucial to obtain an adequate tile edging while installing an
aluminium tile trim strip.

The round edge aluminium ceramic tile trim strip is presented in a wide selection of forms and finishes :
mill finish, anodized satin matt, polished bright, chemically brightened or powder coated.

MF : Mill finish
MA : Anodized matt
MB : Anodized bright
MC : Anodized chemically brightened
BR : Anodized chemically brightened brushed
PC : Powder coated
LENGTH : 2,44 - 2,50 - 2,60 - 2,70 - 3,00 m.
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