The purpose of fixing a tile trim at the edge of a ceramic tile is to protect its edge from chipping from eventual impacts and to provide a neat look. The installation is finished in an elegant way.

There are multiple round end, square edge tile trim profiles in a variety of finishes that may be installed taking into account the height of the tile and gusto.

The fixing of the well known tile trim at the corner edge to protect and to decorate has become a must in tile installation today. Yet another line of tile profile is being proposed in recent years: the aluminum tile trim listello.

Listellos are suggested in several configurations:

The pencil tile trim listello is designed to separate rows of tiles on the wall as a lower cost substitute to the ceramic tile border trim. The listello trim is offered in a multitude of shapes either domed or flat in a way to fit various tile heights.

The installation of the aluminum border listello tile trim contributes to the stylish and fashionable achievement of the tile installation. A stylish alternative to the ceramic tile border the silver bright listello also proves to be a perfect match for the chrome plated bathroom and kitchen fittings and fixtures.

The "T" shaped aluminum listello trim in different sizes provides an attractive and cosy edge finishing being used as a transition cover strip and expansion joint on a ceramic tile floor.

Installed as a transition edge trim the "T" listello tile trim covers the coarse edge of the tile and hides the gap between two distinct floorings.

The "T" listello trim may also be fitted as an alternative to the ceramic border on a ceramic tiled wall to disengage lines of ceramic tiles.

The square edge contour trim permits transition between different floors, protects the outer corner tile edge in a very elegant manner, creates delimitation and may be used as a surrogate to the ceramic border or listello trim to divide rows of tiles.

All the aluminum listello tile trim profiles are presented with anodized coating in matte satin, polished bright or chemically brightened finish in a wide choice of colours such as silver, gold, bronze, champagne etc.