A substitute to the decorative ceramic tile border, the aluminium chrome listello tile trim has a lower life-cycle cost and provides a stylish and elegant aspect to the tile wall as it separates lines of tiles as a border tile trim.
Presented in diverse forms, designs and dimensions the aluminium chrome  flat or domed listello tile trim allows numerous applications.
The metal listello tile trim may also be used as an edge finishing profile in tile installation.

The fitting of the border metal chrome listello tile trim brings a very modern and fashionable look to the bathrooms or kitchens.
Moreover the polished bright silver – chrome tile trim listello matches gracefully with chrome plated bathroom fiitings
and fixtures.

The T- floor transition strip in various widths and shapes may be used as a floor transition door bar-cover strip
and expansion joint on a ceramic tile floor. The T shape floor transition strip can also be fitted on a ceramic tiled wall
to disengage rows of ceramic tiles like the aluminium border listello tile trim.

The square edge contour - box trim provides ceramic tile edge protection to the external corner edge, allows transition between dissimilar floors, creates floor delimitation and might also be applied as a ceramic border or listello tile trim.

The T shape transition strip, chrome square edge contour trim and border listello tile trim are suggested in a wide array
of anodized colors in satin matt, polished bright or chemically brightened.

MF : Mill finish
MA : Anodized matt
MB : Anodized bright
MC : Anodized chemically brightened
BR : Anodized chemically brightened brushed
PC : Powder coated
LENGTH : 2,44 - 2,50 - 2,60 - 2,70 - 3,00 m.
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ceramic border tile trim square edge countout tile trim chrome listello tile trim
tile setting trim T floor transition strip t shape floor transition strip
square edge contour tile trim T shape transition  strip aluminium listello tile trim
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