Aluminium tile trim-carpet edging trims-laminate floor trims
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From Turkey, Ak Teknik Makina carries a wide array of tile trims for ceramic tile flooring and wall coverings, laminate
floor trims and carpet trims for carpet edging and laminate flooring.

Whenever two tiles meet on external or internal corner, fitting tile trims to these edges is the most practical and effective tile installation solution.

The ceramic tile edging trim extruded from aluminium has the advantage of protecting the tile edge from chipping
more effectively versus the plastic tile trims in wall and floor ceramic tile installation.

Besides the polished bright bathroom ceramic corner chrome tile trims are fashionable match for chrome plated
premium bathroom fittings and bathroom fixtures.

The carpet edging trim and laminate floor trim are also indispensable in contemporary laminate floor and carpet installation.

The aluminium tile trims and carpet trims which add visual impact in a diversity of shapes and depths are presented
with anodized coatings in several colours and finishes.

tile trim

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